Warning To Parents to Watch What Their Children Eat To Avoid Tragedy

Things that constitute a choking hazard for little children are normally labeled as such, but life throws some surprises our way. When a mother took her kid, who was not yet two years old, to the grocery, one such occurrence occurred.

While his mother was engaged in choosing cheese, the young child picked two grapes and put them in his mouth without his mother’s awareness. When she heard the sound of her toddler choking, she immediately turned to him. She pats him on the back in an attempt to dislodge the grapes, but this only pushes them more into his throat.

Other people offered assistance, but none of them were familiar with the Heimlich procedure, which is used to release trapped objects from the throat. While one shopper dialed 911, the other performed CPR. When the paramedics arrived, they were only able to extract one grape. When he arrived at the hospital, the other was extracted, but it was too late. Ayyan had vanished. Emma now cautions parents against making the same error.