Adorable Little Music Lover Waits For Beat To Drop In “Uptown Funk”

A tiny child rests calmly in her car seat, listening to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” She bobs her head to the music, patiently waiting for the beat to drop before launching into a wild dance as the straps of her car seat will allow.

Maddie is a music connoisseur. She may be small and still in a car seat, but she can recognize when a song’s beat is rising up, and she knows not to boogie down until the beat lowers. This toddler enjoys Bruno Mars’ song “Uptown Funk” and knows when to start dancing.

Maddie’s hands shoot up into the air when the beat drops, as though she doesn’t care about the song’s rhythm, and she begins to dance. She moves like a natural dancer, and it’s obvious that her parents have listened to this song a lot in the car because she understands when to dance.