This Baby’s Reaction To Her First Taste Of Ice Cream Is Very Funny

Brittani Jernigan had no idea that capturing her daughter’s first taste of ice cream would result in such a humorous reaction. Blakely, her daughter, couldn’t get enough of the frozen treat, even grabbing it from her mother so she could receive more.

Brittani Jernigan took her infant daughter Blakely to the local Baskin Robbins ice cream store to give her the opportunity to try the frozen treat for the first time. They went out and got a cone, sat down at a table, and began filming the baby’s reaction to the flavor. Her eyes glowed after she licked the cone.

Blakely couldn’t get enough of it all of a sudden. She clenched both fists around the ice cream to get it closer to her mouth. Then she began to eat with gusto while her parents burst out laughing. If you’ve ever wanted to witness what happens when someone gets a sweet tooth, this is the video to watch.

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