With A Beautiful Smile, A Newborn Baby Greets His Father She Hears His Voice Right Away

Flávio Dantas, a proud father from Rio de Janeiro, demonstrates that the link between father and daughter is stronger than we know. The loving father would stroke Tarsila Batista’s stomach while talking to his unborn child during his baby’s time in her mother’s womb. Flávio’s baby girl would kick every time he repeated, “I’ll always be there.”

Tarsila gave birth to a healthy baby girl called Antonella on August 11th, 2019, which happens to be the local Father’s Day in Brazil. Her newborn, who was napping at the time, was handed to the new mother. Antonella did not wake up after being placed on top of her.

Antonella only opened her eyes for the first time when Flávio approached her, leaning down to meet his baby girl with the same words he said every day before saying, “Hello, I’ll always be there.” The largest smile you’ve ever seen accompanied the awakening, a bizarre manner for a child to take in the world for the first time.

Antonella opening her eyes and smiling was captured by the delighted family, and she shared her joy with the rest of the globe. People have greeted the pleasant event with open arms, and their gratitude has been shared widely on social media.

Tarsila refers to her baby girl as a “present from my Lord,” while her adoring father is overcome with emotion, explaining that his love for his daughter is “too big to fit inside his chest.” Antonella’s face lit up as she recognized her father’s voice, and the photo quickly went viral.

Before the baby was even a day old, Antonella’s smile went viral. As they are seen in the hospital ward with large smiles on their cheeks matching that of the little tot, one can clearly feel their love for one other and their newborn daughter.

“I can’t convey the feeling I felt at that moment,” Flávio captioned a snapshot of himself smiling on Instagram. Every day in the womb, I told my daughter that I loved her, that Dad was there, and that I was going to be the best father in the world! How did she reward me when she was born? That’s more than pleased with that smile.”

Could there ever be a better daddy’s girl than baby Antonella, who was born on Father’s Day in Brazil and immediately began smiling when she heard her father’s voice? Positive feedback and admiration have poured in for Flávio Dantas and Tarsila Batista. After all, it’s not every day that a newborn smiles as it opens its eyes.

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With A Beautiful Smile, A Newborn Baby Greets His Father She Hears His Voice Right Away
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