Military Wife and 3-Year-Old girl Break Down in Moving Homecoming Video

If you’ve ever had a family member join the military, you understand how difficult it can be. Any time a military member returns home safely, there is reason to rejoice, and one family did just that.

Having your spouse stationed overseas while you remain in the United States can be emotionally draining. Technology has made things a little simpler, but it is still far from perfect. Trinity Campos is an army wife, and she and her husband, Specialist Bryan Campos, have a lovely three-year-old daughter named Aria.

Bryan and his family experienced an emotional reunion as he returned home after nine months abroad with the First Cavalry Division Brigade out of Fort Hood. Trinity and Aria must have missed their favorite boyfriend a lot while he was away and were overjoyed to see him again.

To make up for their nearly year apart, the three instantly embrace and have a long hug. As you watch this beautiful reunion, you can feel the love through the television. It’s difficult not to cry because you’re so pleased with this lovely family.

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