She Loves Her Parents But How Long Will Obedience Last With Candy Around?

This candy challenge for kids pits a well-behaved, sweet-natured youngster against a bowl of candy. Will the curious child be able to resist the sweet craving, or will the sweet craving triumph?

Candy is fun for kids, but nothing beats a mother’s love. When mum leaves the room, will Will triumph over a dish of candy? In this lovely and poignant video, she knows she shouldn’t touch it.

She is happy-go-lucky for thirty seconds, even counting the candy for a bit. How long do you believe it will take for the novelty to wear off? You’ll be pleasantly pleased!

She’s screaming after a minute, so it can’t be long, right? The adorable two-year-old girl saunters down the jar of candy for as long as she can, but her one-year-old brother is up next. That’s hilarious.

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