Andrea Bocelli and Daughter Perform Heartwarming Duet

Andrea Bocelli is regarded as one of the most talented vocalists of all time. He’s one of the rare celebs who has spoken up about his personal life to his admirers. In a recent video, the talented man demonstrated a skill that he and his youngest daughter both possess.

Virginia Bocelli, Bocelli’s eight-year-old daughter, is already a rising star. Her father isn’t afraid to show his affection and appreciation for his children. Andrea has two boys, Amos and Matteo, both of whom are musically gifted.

Matteo and Andrea begin singing “Fall On Me” while relaxing in their home. Virginia soon joins her father on stage for a touching performance. To make their duet even more wonderful, she uses her favorite gadget, a karaoke machine.

It’s impressive to watch someone so young with such good musical ability. We can only hope that Virginia joins her father in the studio so that their sweet duet will be remembered for a long time.

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