The Morning Routine of a Pajama-Wearing Boy and Dog is the Perfect Start to the Day

It’s difficult to get through the day without a cup of coffee. At least, that’s how a lovely kid and his dog, Reagan, start each day by preparing a hot beverage and sipping it in their jammies together.

The child and his dog jump out of bed and down the spiral staircase to the kitchen, pausing only to jump on the bed before hopping off. They’re sitting on a stepstool, brewing (probably non-caffeinated) coffee.

The two take side-by-side seats at the bar once their foamy delights are finished, the boy in fire truck pajamas and the dog is, well, dog pajamas. “Good morning, Reagan!” the boy exclaims as he buries his face in his massive mug.

The two have clearly perfected their routine and are probably more prepared for the day than the typical adult. And, to be honest, they make mornings appear adorable.