During a day at the stables, a fearless child rapidly makes friends with the horses

When Coco Carter is old enough to work, we may already know of a place where she will be hired without hesitation. The tiny tot strolls through the Henry Dwyer Horse Stables, greeting her horsey pals.

Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, at the Henry Dwyer Horse Stable It’s just another day at the office. Coco Carter, on the other hand, finds it to be her favorite spot.

Especially when the brave toddler went out of her way to welcome every horse she came across. She’d stroll up to each of their stables and be greeted with affection by the horses themselves.

When it comes to enormous animals, most toddlers are apprehensive. Coco, though, is an exception.

When she makes her rounds, each of the horses waits for their turn to say hello. And she will always make sure that she gets to every single one of them.

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