10 darling toddlers wibble-wobble in a priceless penguin parade

Children can be just as committed to a good cause as adults. Dressing up and educating us about penguins, for example. Penguins, to be precise.

It’s past time for everyone to become acquainted with penguins! Ellen and a few of her pupils are dressed up in tuxedos to teach passers-by about waddling, flightless, cold-climate birds.

And there’s a lot of waddling going on! It’s the foundation of the whole presentation. But it’s a lengthy song, and you can only waddle so much, so…

The troupe engages in some unusual behavior for a group of penguins. However, there are limited choices. As a result, we’re abandoning realism in favor of novelty. Educational music does all of the heavy liftings.

You have to applaud the performers’ commitment. Some of them are still waddling long after the song has done and the curtain call has arrived.

And just like that, some small kids have done a good job of educating us about a bird they’ve never seen. The developing mind is a marvel.

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10 darling toddlers wibble-wobble in a priceless penguin parade
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