11-week-old cutest baby girl speaks for the first time.

Wait until you see how adorable she is when she says her own name. Eela is her name, and she accomplished this amazing achievement at the infant age of eleven weeks.

As they discover the joys of communication, newborns love to chatter a mile a minute, generating all kinds of sounds. Parents must try to interpret what their children are saying, deciphering words that are frequently nonsense.

Little Eela is capable of such a precocious feat as speaking her own name at the age of eleven weeks. Her caring mother captured the priceless moment on camera, which can now be viewed by everyone on the Internet.

This achievement is remarkable not only because Eela is so young, but also because a baby’s first words are usually “mommy” or “daddy.” Eela is a maverick as well as being extremely intelligent for a newborn.

Although neonates as young as seven weeks old can make noises, the majority of these utterances are proto-speech, or sounds that are near to words but not quite. “Da-da” or “ba-ba” are examples of these.

When Eela is a bit older, I hope mum shows her the video so she can see how adorable and brilliant she was even at such a young age.

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