2-month-old says his first words

This baby’s incredible achievement shatters all previous records. This is a moment that his parents will never forget — and they have it on camera!

When Mom and Dad turned on the camera, they had no idea their two-month-old baby would say his first words. After all, it’s a little too early!

Mom begins by encouraging the infant. “Come on, you’re allowed to say it!” She coos, “I know you want to chat,” and it’s evident he’s paying attention.

At first, he doesn’t say anything. He beams at his parents, making them giggle and bringing joy to their (and our) hearts. Dad is so startled when he finally says the word that he can’t help but respond!

Not one, but three times, the small one says “Mom.” There’s more chatter in between as he tries to understand what he’s saying, but it’s still cute.

Since babies are meant to say their first words much later, this two-month-old may have just set a record. One thing’s for sure – he’s such an adorable little prodigy!

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