Abandoned babies were found in the trash by Church worker (In order to see the video click the link below)

Consider the sight of two babies dumped in the trash. They appear to be harmless. They are not deserving of this.

Mark Purcell, the cook at the Pasco Metropolitan Ministry, was about to close up when he discovered a couple of dolls on a heap of garbage in the corridor.

He didn’t pay much attention to it. He thought he saw one of the dolls move suddenly. He discovered it wasn’t dolled but a couple of baby brothers when he got closer.

The babies were left in their diapers outside in the cold. The younger sibling was approximately six months old, while the older brother was approximately two years old.

He called the pastor that very instant who was very welcoming. Mark dropped the kids at the pastor and his wife who were very welcoming.

The pastor and his wife had seen the parents of the two boys around. Upon meeting them, the homeless couple urged them to adopt the babies, or else the social worker would transfer them to a foster home.

The pastor and his wife, parents of 3 children already, adopted the kids wholeheartedly and are now providing them with a safe and healthy home.