Dad uses Jedi powers, giving his son the best mealtime ever

Fatherhood is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences a man may have in his lifetime. However, some people are apprehensive about confronting this scenario due to the commitments and responsibilities that come with it.

Despite the fact that it is unquestionably difficult and exhausting, some people discover innovative ways to deal with it. That is the most rewarding aspect of being a father. You must utilize your creativity to make everything enjoyable.

This amusing father has set a high bar for how to be inventive when caring for your child, particularly during meals.

He leverages his passion for Star Wars movies to pique his son’s interest. To move the boy’s chair back and forth, he basically summons his inner Jedi might.

You can see that the little guy literally enjoys the game as he keeps on giggling and laughing all throughout the time his dad is playing with him.

Apparently, this father is more than successful in getting the attention of his little boy. In fact, this dad makes his mealtime one of the best childhood experiences that he will always recall.

Fatherhood may be challenging and frustrating at times. However, if you think of it positively, just like this dad, you can always see the fun and joy out of it.

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Dad uses Jedi powers, giving his son the best mealtime ever
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