Little girl finds hilarious loophole to no running rule

Make lemonade when life brings you lemons, as the expression goes. While the situation isn’t as severe as one might anticipate, tiny Zoe certainly knows how to create the best lemonade.

Zoe, who is only two years old, has a lot to teach us about dealing with black and white situations. Just take a breather and then go for the enjoyable route.

At least that is what she did when her mother called upon the famous ‘no running’ rule in a shopping mall. But, while mother meant no to run and yes to walking, Zoe had a different idea.

Her head begins to bop to the beat of the music, her arms lift in an elegant stance, her hips sway, and her feet follow the rhythm in a second flat.

Yes, young Zoe gracefully navigated her way past her mother’s restriction, and she received no rebuke from her mother. Although to be fair, Zoe’s dancing effort did slow down.

Finally, she may be faster than her mother, which is the whole point of a child’s fascination with such awe-inspiring venues as shopping malls.

Zoe’s creative way of dealing with a challenge will make her a fascinating person to be around. Till then, may all her solutions be as cute and groovy as this one was?

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Little girl finds hilarious loophole to no running rule
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