Sweet Baby Is Thrilled When Jazzy Grandpa Plays The Saxophone

It’s always entertaining for adults to watch kids react to something for the first time. Children are full of wonder and curiosity, and they make everyday things that adults take for granted feel extraordinary. Take this young one’s reaction when he hears his grandfather play the saxophone!

It’s impossible to predict how a little child would respond to something they’ve never seen before. Things you believe they’ll like will occasionally make them cringe in surprise. Other times, they may find something as minor as peek-a-boo to be completely enthralling.

This child is enthralled by his grandfather’s saxophone playing! He also gives us some of the sweetest baby smiles. Grandpa can also play the saxophone, so you may close your eyes, listen, and relax.

Looking at things through the eyes of a child is always refreshing. It can be uplifting to be reminded that there is always another perspective than what we are used to. There is inspiration all around us, and things like a baby smiling can leave us amazed and inspired,

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Sweet Baby Is Thrilled When Jazzy Grandpa Plays The Saxophone
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