Baby and bunnies are having the time of their lives

If you’re searching for a quick grin, this infant and his furry companions are more than glad to oblige. This video of these ‘happy go lucky’ rabbits playing with this kid could not be more wonderful.

There are a plethora of snuggling companions to be found. However, this infant appears to have discovered them in two rabbits.

They have fur and are rather huge. They are, however, a lot of fun.

When one of them approaches this small child, the real fun begins. When the baby begins to laugh, he gently handles them.

It’s wonderful to see animals being exposed to children at such a young age. As they grow older, their friendship will undoubtedly become stronger.

Whether it’s rabbits or dogs, there’s a kid who will always enjoy their company. We as humans and our furry friends deserve each other.

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