As they read together, the young toddler tries to gasp and imitates his father’s pride.

A father and son sat in a chair together, reading a small picture book. The father painstakingly read to his son, encouraging him to learn new abilities.

Dad said, “Now five taps on the yellow one.” “Touch the yellow one!” says the narrator. The father was gentle with his son, giving him plenty of time to perfect his action. He then flipped the page to something more interesting.

The number of yellow circles on the page increased in this situation. The father and son exchanged shocked and ecstatic looks, their mouths gaping at the turn of events. The baby, like his father, appeared to be overjoyed.

The little child would “gasp” by opening his lips wide and swiftly look at his father for confirmation that he was doing the proper thing each time the father flipped the page.

And when the child wanted to be excited, dad would give it to him, pausing before moving on. With smiles and audible gasps, he would imitate him and reinforce the conduct.

The toddler wanted to skip ahead at the end of the film instead of putting in the effort to select the perfect color to tap. Dad wouldn’t let him. When he eventually got it and got to exclaim in joy alongside his father again, it was definitely worth it.

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