Parents capture son’s first year of life in a 7-minute montage

For both the parents and the infant, a lot happens in the first year of life. The year goes by quickly for everyone, with a lot to learn, a lot to comprehend, and not much to remember.

Sam Cornwall, a British photographer, and his wife wanted to finish it in the cutest way imaginable. While it would be difficult to record every incident, they only recorded one second per day.

Therefore, from the birth of their beautiful baby boy Indigo, they recorded a second of every day for an entire year. On his first birthday, they decided to give him a collage of these recordings as a gift.

While he probably won’t appreciate it as much at that age, his parents and the rest of the world will. The end product is nothing short of amazing.

A short documentary, dubbed “better than Jim Carry’s “Truman Show” by critics, depicts a stunning turnaround in Indigo. It’s all there, from the first smile to crawling and first steps.

The experience is enhanced by Sam’s decision to keep the actual recorded sound throughout the college, which does not disguise little Indigo tears or his smile.

A truly beautiful experience that reminds us in just under 7 minutes how fast children grow up and how quickly time passes. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy every second of it.

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Parents capture son’s first year of life in a 7-minute montage
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