A ten-year-old kid delivers his baby brother and saves his mother’s life.

The daring gesture of a 10-year-old kid who assists in the delivery of his newborn brother is best described as “not all heroes wear capes.” His fast thinking and calm temperament save his mother’s and newborn’s life.

When his pregnant mother awoke and went to the bathroom to pee, her membrane burst, prompting Jayden Fontenot’s brave gesture. Ashley had not anticipated such an incidence at 34 weeks, and she had to think quickly on how to preserve the situation because the baby’s legs were plainly out.

Ashley, the eldest child and only one in the family aside from her 11-month-old sister shouted out for his son Jayden to go to the restroom at this point.

As Ashley sat on the lavatory floor, this weird encounter was the scariest thing she’d ever experienced. The baby’s legs had become purple, indicating that he was getting insufficient oxygen. Jayden acted fast, sprinting to his grandmother’s house to dial 911.

In an attempt to save the baby’s life, Ashley had to gather all her remaining strength with the help of his son, who held the baby’s leg and helped pull as mom pushed in distress.

After delivering the baby and realizing it was out-of-air, Jayden rushed to the kitchen to pick a nose aspirator and help mom clear the newborn’s air passage. Soon after they finished, the emergency medical responders got home to take mom and his newborn brother to the hospital.

This bold move by the 10-year-old did marvel not only his stepdad but also impressed viewers. One viewer went ahead to say that this could be the beginning of a possible profession in the medical field for Jayden.

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