Mom is overjoyed when her 2-month-old says, “I love you.”

In a beautiful video, an adoring mother films her 8-week-old baby saying, “I love you.” Hearing your baby’s first words is usually a memorable experience for any parent.

Most children can produce some speech sounds around the sixth month that suggests names of Mom and Dad or simply items they want, such as a bottle of milk or a toy.

Hearing these words might be difficult since a baby might be a combination of sounds and noises and even cries that may signal different needs altogether.

Many viewers were astounded by a recent YouTube video showing an 8-week-old infant repeating the words “I love you” after its mother. The latter is eager to use a camera to capture the scene.

The mom was having a brief talk with her tiny daughter about how last Christmas went, and the girl seemed pleased as she babbled cheering sounds and smiled broadly.

Viewers might disagree, but the mother said it was a beautiful experience with her kid that she was glad to have caught.

Cheering and talking to your baby frequently as you look at each other helps in the intellectual development of their talking and listening skills. Therefore, it is encouraging to talk to your child regularly as you engage in other activities in the house.

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Mom is overjoyed when her 2-month-old says, “I love you.”
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