With his gorgeous smile, a baby with Down syndrome melts hearts.

Nothing is more priceless than a baby’s smile, especially when it appears out of nowhere. A young child with Down syndrome smiled for the first time, and her mother captured the moment on camera.

When her adoptive mother asked, “How’s your day going?” an 8-month-old infant was enjoying some tummy time on a comfortable blanket with her adoptive mother.

Her daughter’s face lit up with an ear-to-ear grin in return, instantly capturing the hearts of internet watchers worldwide. Even mum couldn’t help but smile with glee at the tiny girl’s delight.

It is so uplifting to hear the profound joy in the mom’s laughter as her daughter surprises her with round after round of delightful smiles that are sweet enough to make anyone’s day.

The baby had been recently adopted through the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, so perhaps her new skill was a reaction to her new mom’s joy.

While the stage of smiling on cue only lasted for a few weeks, mom savored this sweet phase and is grateful she has a recording of her child’s first smile to treasure forever.

Sometimes all we need to recall the important things in life is the simplicity of a child’s grin. This mother has a lovely gift that she will treasure for the rest of her life.

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With his gorgeous smile, a baby with Down syndrome melts hearts.
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