Lonely Mom Is Praying over Sick Baby in Crib When a Man Walks up to Her Doorstep. A Short Story

We don’t have complete control over anything. Also, things don’t always work out in the end. However, there are times when all hope seems to have vanished, but our guardian angel provides us a remedy.

It’s not good news.

While seated in the doctor’s office, Emily sobbed. Jake, her infant boy, was cuddled near to her. The Doctor told Emily that there was nothing he could do for her or her kid, and Emily listened intently. She didn’t have much of an option except to take Jake to a professional. Unfortunately, she could not afford to fly there, let alone pay for the trips. Her mother was also sick, and she couldn’t leave her alone.

Jake would not be able to survive until she could see one of the three specialists in the country. Emily’s doctor had already written down their names and contact information. Emily returned home, and as she tucked Jake into bed that night, she prayed and hoped for a miracle.

The Physician

Meanwhile, Carlisle Peters, a doctor, was boarding a plane to New York, where he was set to accept a prize for his pioneering research. However, for the unhappy man, things were not going as planned. Due to poor weather, the jet had to come to a halt halfway to his destination. A hotel stay and a trip out the next morning were guaranteed to him and the rest of the passengers on the flight.

Dr. Peters had no choice but to hire a car and drive to New York, the weather was awful but it was much better on the ground. He could make it in time he was certain. It would take him about four hours to get there.

The Storm

Carlisle booked his car and prepared to brave the long drive. It was 6 pm, so he should get to New York by 11 pm with the current weather conditions. He put his luggage in the trunk, put the hotel address on his GPS, and began his long drive.

He’d driven for an hour and scarcely made any progress because the weather was far worse than he’d anticipated. He had arrived in a little village where there were no street lights and no paved roads. Suddenly, the car began to make a noise that was anything but pleasant. Carlisle continued driving after seeing a light in the distance. The light was coming from a small dwelling, he saw. The house was run-down and in desperate need of repair. He banged his hands on the driving wheel in frustration as the automobile cut out. He thought it would be a good idea to stroll up to the home and see if anyone could help him.

The Knock

Dr. Peters dashed up to the home through the rain. When he eventually arrived at the door, he discovered that it was practically falling apart. He wondered who lived inside, but he knew he couldn’t avoid knocking. Carlisle was hungry, his rental car had broken down, and he had no way of getting to New York in time to accept his award. Hopefully, the residents of this residence knew of a mechanic or could at least provide him with food.

When he knocked on the door, no one answered. He was going to turn around and dash back to his car when the door to his automobile was unexpectedly unlocked by a woman. She was clearly taken aback. She inquired as to what he desired and why he had arrived so late and in the rain.

Dr. Peters claimed that he was on his way to New York and had broken down in his car. He needed a place to stay until the storm passed. The woman laughed as she flung open the door to let the drenched doctor in. Carlisle expressed his relief by thanking the woman. They introduced themselves to one other. Emily was the name of the lady.

The Specialist

Carlisle looked around, while the house was shabby, it was a home. He felt very comfortable and Emily made him feel even more welcome. She made him some tea and gave him a bowl of soup. He was very grateful. The two started talking and she told him about her mother who had had a stroke. She was upstairs sleeping. She mentioned Jake, and how he did not have long to live because she could not afford to save him. This is when Carlisle noticed a paper stuck on Emily’s fridge door.

He asked Emily what the problem with Jake was, and she explained that he had a problem with his liver. Carlisle suddenly realized that he had been sent to this small town for a reason. Looking up at Emily he said to her: “Emily, I am one of the doctors whose names you have written on the note on your fridge”.

Emily went pale, she was very confused, why on earth was he in her home? How did this come to be? Was this that miracle she had prayed for earlier that evening?

The Miracle
Carlisle told Emily that he was Dr. Peters. The same Dr. Peters on her list. He started to cry, not something he did very often. Emily started to cry as she realized how slim the chance was of the very man who could save her son landing up on her doorstep was.

Carlisle decided to help Emily and her baby Jake for absolutely no charge. There was no way this was a coincidence. Sometimes things happen just as they should, and perhaps, guardian angels are real.

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Lonely Mom Is Praying over Sick Baby in Crib When a Man Walks up to Her Doorstep. A Short Story
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