When your father is a pilot, this film captures the vivid emotions of a young girl who took her first flight.

For many people, flying by plane is like going to the store, a common thing.

There are those who are extremally afraid of flying and for them, this is a real test.

What can we say about taking an aircraft ride?

Most likely, this or that perception of flying was created throughout childhood; this is the era in life when we begin to recognize what is good for us and what we should avoid.

Childhood, on the other hand, is a time when we are most open to new experiences and have fewer concerns.

However, if your dad is a pilot, everything changes dramatically.

After all, it becomes practically a way of life for the family.

The baby, in the video attached below, is not only not afraid of heights, but also fully enjoys flying.

She probably has such a love for heaven from her father.

Even just the watching of the video is already breathtaking!