When she was 103 pounds, she made the decision to lose weight. And this is how she appears now.

Losing weight is a very complex process, in addition to a huge desire and willpower, you also need to have certain knowledge so that, first of all, you do not harm your health.

This girl weighed about 103 kilograms.

For all her outward beauty, she felt completely uncomfortable.

Eva, like every other girl, wanted to look her best, but she had to shop at boutiques for large sizes most of the time.

The final straw was when the girl’s skirt suddenly ruptured.

Eva was so thrown out of her routine that she was despondent for two weeks and didn’t speak to anyone until she eventually got herself together and started on the road to health and beauty.

After studying the information, she began to eat right, only healthy food, she went to the gym, and began to move a lot.

The girl realized that the main thing is the desire to change her life for the better!

In 8 months, Eva managed to lose 30 kilograms.

But as we know there is no limit to perfection.

Losing weight is not the goal of her life, the real goal is to be healthy always!

And she continues to work on herself: she eats right and goes to the gym regularly.

Now her weight is already 53 kilograms.