The tale of two sisters who weighed more than 250 kilos each. What they appear to be presently

Today, we’ll tell you about two sisters who weighed more than 250 kilos.

Were they able to get through it? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Candy and Brandy have been coping with stress through food since they were children.

The girls suffered all the time from the lack of attention from their parents and found solace in sweets, and they got used to them.

And over time, the mother and father began to give the children fast food, it really helped to keep them busy, so the children did not disturb their parents.

Of course, this style of eating has led to negative consequences.

The initial issues arose at school when the sisters were mocked by unkind classmates.

And by the time they reached puberty, each of the sisters weighed over 100 kg, and the worst part was that the weight continued to rise.

Candy and Brandy later had a falling out with their parents, and the girls moved away.

Independent life began, which, unfortunately, did not affect their way of eating in any way.

The sisters got a job as sellers, but even then the weight did not go away.

Over time, the girls could no longer go to work because of their weight and become as clumsy as possible.

Candy and Brandy began to have health problems.

They decided to seek help from the popular TV show “I weigh 300 kilograms” when their weight began to exceed 250 kg.

As a result, the long and painful road to recovery began.

The sisters were treated by the best specialists: a dietitian suggested a diet, and psychiatrists began working with them.

Each sister had a weight-loss goal that she worked toward overtime.

The weight began to go away.

But for medical reasons, they still needed to reduce the stomach.

The show ended a long time ago, and the girls continue to monitor their health — they go to the gym and eat right.

Brandy even met her love, got married, and had a baby.

And Candy is not in a hurry to get married yet, she plans to travel a lot and wants to fully enjoy her new life.

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The tale of two sisters who weighed more than 250 kilos each. What they appear to be presently
Знаменитые дамы, которые сделали пластику и не пожалели.