From one addiction to the next, it’s a never-ending cycle. Why did she transform her physique and how did she do it?

Emily Brand was only 31 kg when she was 17, but she is now one of the most powerful bodybuilders.

However, it appears that the girl simply switched from one addiction to another, so not all is as it appears.

Emily’s classmates teased her about her weight when she was just 11 years old, despite the fact that she didn’t appear to be any heavier than her peers.

Only now has the girl begun to lose weight as a result of holding everything too near to her heart.

The brand was running at the time, and she claimed that she had completely quit eating and could live off of one apple all day.

As a result, the student was admitted to the hospital for the first time at the age of 14, and doctors were concerned about her health.

Emily spent an entire year in the hospital, but she learned nothing.

She continued to consider herself fat and did not want to eat.

Although in fact, she could barely stand on her legs, which were bones covered with skin.

Then she was forcibly fed.

The doctors told Emily that until she gained weight– she would not leave the hospital.

She ate and sobbed in agony.

As a result, after 7 months in prison, Brand was returned home weighing 44 kg.

She resolved to adjust her life in order to avoid a repeat of the incident.

The girl noticed the figure 53 kg on the scales after two years, but all the pounds she acquired were a muscle, and she began to swing.

Emily practically never left the gym, and now her diet consisted of 3,000 calories a day.

So from being anorexic, she became a real bodybuilder.

However, not only sports and diet came to her aid, but also growth hormones, that is, testosterone and other specialty drugs.

So Emily’s new hobby led her to a new addiction.

It turns out that, having got rid of one disease, the girl got another, just as life-threatening.