This unusual couple has two babies. Interesting what they look like

This out-of-the-ordinary couple, dubbed “coffee with milk,” defies all marriage stereotypes.

We discussed uneven marriages with large age gaps in previous articles.

Today we will discuss interracial marriages.

When people learn about such couples, they are usually very interested in a variety of topics.

And the main question is what color the children’s skin will be.

Here comes the simple but strict rule.

The dark color dominates; it refers to skin, eyes…

This couple has long been nicknamed “coffee with milk” on the web.

They look so unusual, but at the same time harmonious, that it’s a pleasure to look at their joint photos.

This beautiful couple has two children, who do you think they look like?

And here are their beautiful children who inherited the best from their parents.

Both girls are mulatto.

As we have already mentioned the darker gene always dominates and therefore both girls are dark-skinned.