At the age of 52 she married a 25-year old African. Here is how they live

Natalia met Paul on a friend search site. The woman wanted to find acquaintances in other countries and did not expect that at 52 she would fall in love with a man who is 25.

Their relationship started with frequent Skype calls. They began to communicate frequently: Paul works as a remote programmer, and Natalia has been retired for a long time. She almost never left the house because of her disability. Three years passed in the long-distance relationship. Paul introduced Natalia to all of her relatives during this time.

In the fourth year, the man paid Natalia for a plane ticket. The young man’s family accepted Natalia incredibly warmly. After a week of living in Paul’s homeland, Natalia received a marriage proposal. And she agreed!

As a result, the couple married twice. The first was in Africa and the second was in the bride’s hometown of Cherepovets. The first celebration was truly spectacular. The second event was limited to a small group of friends. Paul took the risk of moving to Russia for the sake of his beloved. He got a job as a tractor driver, but quickly returned to freelance, significantly increasing the family’s income.

In 2017, Natalia had twins. They were named Daniel and David. When the babies were born, more than three hundred people gathered under the windows of the maternity hospital – friends and family. The young father has fully adapted to Russian reality. He converted to Orthodoxy, goes to church every Sunday. He also fell in love with the bathhouse. Paul’s mother also liked Russia. She came for a few months to babysit the twins.

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At the age of 52 she married a 25-year old African. Here is how they live
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