The infertile woman adopted two girls and two boys but what happened after was a miracle

Jacob and Maxine Young wished to have a large family. Regrettably, the desired pregnancy did not occur. As a result, the impatient couple decided to adopt. Three brothers and sisters were taken into custody. The babies were two, four, and eleven months old, respectively. Their younger sister was born a month later, and Jacob and Maxine adopted her as well.

Having become parents of four offspring at once, the couple did not lose hope of giving birth to their own one. Therefore, the Youngs decided to apply to IVF. The couple had to go through several miscarriages before their long-awaited son Henry was born.

It appears that there is nothing else to fantasize about. Everything they desired. And then Maxine finds out she’s pregnant again. But this time there will be no preparation or special procedures. Parents were overjoyed, so they went for an ultrasound. And now they were in for another surprise: four heartbeats! How are things going? After all, multiple pregnancies are common as a result of IVF. But… The babies were delivered at 32 weeks and spent time in the intensive care unit.

And here’s the result – nine offspring in just a couple of years! But, anyway, Jacob and Maxine are very happy now. Everything turned out the way they wanted.