How the unusual 6-year-old boy with a birthmark on his forehead looks like now

Usually, birthmarks on the body are not a matter of pride.

However, a 14-month-old boy became famous precisely because of his birthmark.

A real heart is “depicted” on the forehead of the child!

Yes, yes, such as is drawn on Valentines.

“I didn’t detect any marking on my son’s forehead when I first saw him,” the mother adds.

“When he was cleaned, I noticed a heart on his forehead… a symbol of our love.” I couldn’t hold back my tears and burst into tears of joy.” – recalls the young mother.

The good news quickly spread throughout the clinic: other doctors and nurses found out about the wonderful baby.

“They were taking selfies, but my baby was calm and didn’t cry.

Probably, he liked so much attention! “.

The boy has already grown a little and his birthmark has become more noticeable.

When parents walk down the street with the boy, the surrounding people give their sincere smiles to the child.

“Everyone who sees my son starts to smile,” says the 30-year-old father.

“And our friends and relatives gave him a new name – “The Child of Love. That’s the way it is, because I love his mom very much.”

The boy with a heart on his forehead gives others a wonderful mood.

The parents of the baby are sure that he is a special, unique child…

And they predict a happy future for him.

The boy’s fans have no doubt that he will grow up to be a bright and kind person.