What does a child with an African father and a Vietnamese mother look like: a one-of-a-kind girl was born.

They coped with ridicule, criticism, condemnation, and managed to preserve love and a family in which an unusual child was born.

An interracial couple had a girl with a unique appearance.

CJ managed to melt the cold heart of the “iron lady”, who used to do everything herself.

With his care and kindness, a guy from Nigeria conquered Vietnamese Le Thu Phuong.

The couple met in an average park.

They were all out walking with their friends.

They were already close during the first few minutes of dating.

Despite the fact that they come from different cultures and have very different personalities, powerful love was able to reconcile two hearts.

”He showed me what it’s like to feel loved and desired,” Phuong admits.

Two years later the couple officially became husband and wife.

The wedding was celebrated in Nigeria, and a chic spacious house was bought in Vietnam, where they moved to live.

Soon a beautiful child was born in the family. Being a baby, it was already clear that a unique girl was growing up.

An interracial couple turned out to have an incredibly beautiful daughter.

The cut of the child’s eyes is like that of a Vietnamese mom, and the dark skin is thanks to dad.

According to the girl, she and Jay had to go through a lot.

Not even everyone they knew supported their relationship, but it made their love even stronger.

Over time Le Thu Phuong realized that for true love neither skin color, nor eyes, nor nationality are important.

The main thing is the feelings you have for each other.

Moreover, when such unique children are born in love, there is no room for any doubts.