She’s 70, but she looks 40 . Slender beauty revealed the secret of her second youth

Norma Williams became incredibly popular after everyone found out that this slender beauty is already 70 years old!

She appears to be a youthful, energetic woman!

The stunning lady disclosed her secrets.

Norma has escaped foggy Britain and is currently basking in the sun in Italy.

The lady owns a rental company.

Norma is married, her husband is 10 years older, but tries to keep fit.

Norma has been going to the gym since she was 20, she walks a lot, monitors nutrition and controls weight.

Ms. Williams does not sit on a strict diet at all, in the morning she allows herself flour and even has bad habits.

Norma is sure that excessive thinness is not necessary for a woman, it’s just worth training the body.

A fit figure is always beautiful.

The most important thing is a healthy body, lightness, and enjoyment, not the metrics.

The lady had two cappuccinos and pastries for breakfast.

She then eats a banana, orange, or other seasonal fruit as a snack.

Lunch should consist of protein and vegetables.

Her other love is olive oil.

She even adds it to baking.

For an afternoon snack — cookies, chocolate or salad with Greek yogurt, honey and nuts.

And most importantly – love yourself, pamper yourself sometimes and enjoy life!

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