They lost their home. But they were proved that the world still has kind people

About three years ago Anna was left alone with a little daughter and two sons.

But for the sake of the offspring, she pulled herself together, was able to cope with grief, and began to improve her life.

The family lived in the half of a private house that belonged to them, the woman took out a loan, made repairs, built an extension, and bought furniture.

Everything seemed to have calmed down, and life has resumed as usual.

However, the serenity was broken about a year later when a 74-year-old retired neighbor moved into the second half of the house.

In the end, he set fire to the house, leaving the entire family homeless.

Neither the house nor what was in it could be saved.

The family remained in what it was at the time of the fire.

“They offered to settle in a hostel, and give the little ones to a shelter while I restore everything.

But I have nothing to repair: I pay for a loan every month and pay for another three years.

The house has suffered so much that it is cheaper to build a new one,” the single mother said.

Anna began to ask for help from officials, but only the non-profit organization responded, which began actively talking about this story on social networks.

And a month later, a secret benefactor gave the family a two-room apartment.

The housing is located very conveniently for the family, near a kindergarten where Anna’s daughter goes, as well as a technical school where her sons study.

Now the family will celebrate the New Year together and in their apartment.

The story of Anna was told on social networks, and people responded, collected money.

The woman decided to continue the baton of kindness and shared the money collected for her with another large family who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

And she never found out the name of her secret Santa Claus.

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They lost their home. But they were proved that the world still has kind people
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