He was the size of the index finger.What was the animal found on a passer-by part of the road

Jeffrey Longo was wandering around the city when he came upon a tiny animal on a desolate stretch of the road.

The creature was curled up in a ball, barely breathing.

The man lifted him up and was taken aback by his diminutive size; he was no bigger than the index finger.

Jeffrey had no idea who it was.

“It seemed to me that it was the little one of either a rat or a hamster,” Longo recalls.

He took a picture of him and posted the photo on his page.

Subscribers suggested to the man that this is a small flying squirrel.

Jeffrey found information on the Internet about how to feed and care of him.

The squirrel got the name Cookie.

The animal initially lived in the man’s breast pocket, but after three months began to venture outdoors to explore the world.

When the animal grew up, the young man desired to release him.

However, the veterinarians indicated that this squirrel is no longer capable of surviving in the wild.

So Longo kept it for himself.

No one was upset about this.

Moreover, Jeffrey fell in love with Cookie, and he lives very comfortably in the guy’s house.

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