Everyone was taken aback by the bride’s choice of bridesmaids. It turned out to be an incredibly touching ceremony.

In many nations, a young woman takes a few bridesmaids who dress up in identical clothing, some of them hand out papers with vows or pads with rings, and someone scatters rose petals on the path.

Bridesmaids are always the first to leave, followed by the occasion’s hero, her father.

And today we’d like to tell you about a wedding in which the bride asked her grandmothers to be witnesses. The guests were deeply moved.

Instead of young pals, the girl chose to invite her grandmothers, most significantly not only her own but also the grandmothers of her future husband.

The wedding guests had no idea, and when the grannies appeared, so beautiful and happy, many of those present, including the photographer, was moved to tears.

No one has ever seen such an outlandish selection of bridesmaids before.

Such a choice of the bride was not in order to make her wedding not standard, but simply to give joy to grandmothers and express their respect to them.

She really wanted to share her most important holiday with them.

“It’s wonderful when all grandmothers can see the wedding of their grandsons and granddaughters!

We were lucky and they were still with us.

I really wanted to express that this is very important for my husband and me, we consider ourselves lucky that all our grandmothers are alive and still feeling well,” said Lindsay, the bride.

The oldest bridesmaid is 90 years old (she is a great-grandmother).

And the others are 70, 72, and 76 years old. But that day no one remembered their age, they were so happy and excited.