She is 71 years old and still attends fashion shows, dances at discos, and lives a full life.

Elena Volk became popular last year.

Several channels told about her at once.

A bright 70-year-old party girl danced all night, had fun, and lit up cooler than young people.

Instead of sitting on a bench and chatting with passers-by, this vivacious retiree attends fashion events, meets fascinating people, participates in photoshoots, and has a good time until the morning.

Elena has been a widow for the past sixteen years.

“I used to be an obedient wife, and my husband was cool,” she says.

He danced rock & roll at the age of 60.

Now I live for two”!

There are dozens of pictures of her husband on the walls of her apartment, Elena carefully keeps each of his gifts and still wears them.

But the woman is ready to continue living and even get married, but her chosen one must be younger.

Most of her peers are boring grandfathers, and she needs a drive.

Now Elena has learned to enjoy every day.

She doesn’t spend money on medicines. but for entertainment.

Elena can dance for several hours and is sure that her age cannot be determined on the dance floor.

A woman has learned to save money in order to enjoy life in retirement.

Unfortunately, she has no friends, because people of her age do not like parties and an active lifestyle.

Last year, an outrageous lady decided to change her image.

Together with the journalists of the 1 +1 channel, she went to a fashion stylist.

Now the bright lady looks stylish and fashionable.