He planted 6000 oaks not far from his house. It was only after 20 years that it became evident why.

Despite the fact that love surrounds us everywhere — in movies, music, and books, not everyone manages to meet it in real life.

Someone, realizing this sad truth, prefers to be content with little, others are looking for this or that one all their lives, but remain alone.

However, the main character of this story could become a rare exception to the rule…

Winston Howes has been married to his wife Jeanette for 33 years.

Looking at their relationship, all of the neighbors were bewildered.

After all, they had never seen this couple fight in all their lives.

They were truly the ideal loving pair…

But 20 years ago, their idyll was cut short — Janette suddenly passes away.

Winston decided that he had to do something in memory of his wife.

The man began to plant oaks.

All the neighbors thought that this was just a man’s way to distract himself from grief and forget a little.

No one attached any importance to his hobby, but for the time being…

On a property not far from Jeanette and Winston’s home, up to 6,000 plants were planted.

Only 20 years later, a neighbor floating nearby in a balloon noticed that a spot had been left in the midst of the grove for a giant heart, inside of which magnificent daffodils grew.

Winston hoped that his wife would be able to see this heart from the other side of the veil.

We seem to know everything there is to know about love.

But when faced with such stories, you begin to understand what kind of feeling it really is.

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