She bought an ordinary kitten, and he grew up to be nothing like what she had expected.

Once at the market, she liked a small charming, cute kitten and she bought it.

I brought it home and was just fascinated by this creature.

When I thought about what to call it, I decided that it would be a familiar Badger.

Other seals were almost identical to the normal playful, inquisitive affectionate with an enviable appetite.

Aside from the fact that pussy is a big eater.

This didn’t surprise her because cats are known for their napping habits.

However, on comparing his age to that of another kitten, it became evident that he was developing quite quickly.

In a year, he was one and a half meters long and fifteen kilograms in weight, which somehow did not fit with what the seller said, praising the wonderful, obedient fluffy treasure.

When the girl showed her pet to the veterinarian, he determined that most likely a maine coon and a wild cat were mixed.

But it was not possible to find out exactly.

She did not take the seller’s contacts.

It is no longer easy to feed this gluttonous person, and he is still building up mass.

But she doesn’t despair. She is just crazy about such a gift of fate and a furry pet.

The only thing she still finds it difficult to get used to is unusual night sounds, similar to the howl of a wolf.