The marriage of two different cultures. How the couple lives after all this years

Nata had always wanted to work in the United States, so she put in the effort: she studied English diligently, continuously improved her abilities, and learned Chinese to broaden her opportunities.

Parents were enamored with their daughter and had high expectations for her.

But fate had other plans.

The girl met Keito, a Japanese man, during one of the various courses.

The young people formed a connection and assisted each other in learning languages.

Cato and Nata conversed in English.

The couple spent all their time together.

Soon their relationship grew into something more and after a while, they decided to get married.

First of all, the lovers went to Japan to introduce Nata to Keito’s parents.

She gave up all hopes of pursuing a career in the United States and began to learn about a new culture and adapt to the attitude of this country.

The girl’s parents were outraged by their daughter’s reckless action, but they respected her decision and even attempted to visit the baby.

The wedding took place six years ago.

The spouses admit that there were not a few difficulties, since the marriage is international and both grew up and were brought up in different conditions.

But everything is surmountable if there is love and mutual understanding.

Nata and Cato have learned a lot from each other.

And now they are already the parents of a cute little girl Mika.

The girl has an unusual appearance and has become a real star on the Internet.

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The marriage of two different cultures. How the couple lives after all this years
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