A very beautiful horse and its owner charmed the internet

Naomi had wished for a horse since she was a child, but there were no prospects to obtain one.

And as she grew older, she was finally able to realize her ambition.

It is commonly accepted to think that the pet and the owner become very alike to each other during the years.

In the case of our heroes, we must mention that they did not need these several years.

They are so alike and harmonic, that one cannot help looking at their photos.

Today we want to share with you charming pictures of the Storm horse, which is very similar to its owner.

Meet Naomi and the Storm

They have been together for more than five years

Netizens note that the girl’s hair is very similar to the mane of the horse. And they are right, don’t you think so?

In the comments, they write that they are like twins. Nature is really great power.

This beautiful couple is constantly invited to photoshoots. And all the photos of these two are so cute and beautiful.

Storm loves to pose very much and she does it very well

They look very harmonious

The pictures are simply magnificent, a real pleasure!

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A very beautiful horse and its owner charmed the internet
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