The lady thought she had saved a little cat. But here is what that kitty really was

This is a unique and intriguing story, as there are still many unanswered concerns about how it may have happened.

Being a kind and caring animal, an elderly woman observed a starving and emaciated cat on the street and decided to take it in.

Over time the kitten grew, and it became a little bigger than an ordinary cat.

But the lady was not surprised because her kitty ate a lot of homemade natural products.

She adored her cat and as she had no family she considered him her grandson!

One day an incident happened: thieves tried to rob the poor woman.

The kitty was sleeping at that time in the closet among hats and scarves.

When the cat felt that something bad was happening, he immediately came to the aid of his mistress.

The cat attacked the burglars and thus didn’t allow them to fulfill their plans.

The police officers who arrived at the scene were shocked by what had happened.

The cat that the woman had adopted turned out to be a wild manul.

And we still don’t know how little manul ended up abandoned in a city. In general, Pallas’s cats are considered non-aggressive animals, but if someone threatens their house they become real defenders!