For her beautiful wedding shoot, the bride lost 60 kg! Here is her look before and after the wedding

It is very difficult to change your life.

Willpower and incentive – this is not enough for many.

And more support!

Anyone who has attempted to reduce weight understands that failure is unavoidable.

Sophie Matheson is the only one who knows.

The 28-year-old British woman has attempted to shed weight several times.

After the breakdown, she gained 2 times more weight and despaired of losing weight.

Her life changed after her lover proposed.

The girl decided that she did not want to be a fat bride.

For the sake of her beloved, she took on herself.

Her weight was 130 kg at the time, and the bride decided she wanted a lovely, delicate gown rather than a large, shapeless bag.

There were three months till the wedding, and there was still a lot of work to be done.

Sophie found a personal trainer and began training.

The girl went to the gym three times a week and completed all of the coach’s responsibilities on a regular basis.

She did cardio exercises and supplemented them with a strength complex.

The coach helped the girl to choose the right diet.

After 3 months Sophie looked gorgeous!

She proudly posed in the photo!

“Now I feel happy and confident. My husband is proud of me, and I can buy any clothes. I’ll keep myself in shape. “, – admits Sophie.

Now Sophie runs her blog and teaches others to lose weight.

She supports girls and shows by her example that you can get a fantastic result!