They have renovated a school bus into a comfortable house! A large family lives there. Here is how everything started

In America and Europe, Vanlife (life in a van) is already a familiar phenomenon.

We want to share with you the story of a family from America that has dramatically changed their lives for the better thanks to van life.

A few years ago, the head of the family, Adam Serre, found himself in a difficult situation.

Jessica Rucha, his wife, was on maternity leave with two young children at the time and was unable to work.

The family didn’t have enough money, and Adam couldn’t seem to get his finances under control.

Against this backdrop, he began to struggle with alcoholism, which he, fortunately, recognized in time.

It was at that moment that Adam came up with the idea of a van.

He was inspired by a family of Englishmen who has been living in a van for several years and have traveled to many countries.

He suggested to his wife to try to live like this.

It took about a year to implement this idea.

The old school bus cost them one thousand dollars.

The couple was able to convert it into a cozy home and today the family has already visited a large number of cities in the USA, stopping and admiring the most beautiful places.

During this time, the offspring grew up and began to study at an online school, since the Internet is everywhere.

This decision to live in a van saved the family from divorce and united them even more.

During this time, they had another offspring.

As the spouses say, it has become much easier and more interesting for them to live.

Previously, the majority of wages were used to pay for housing rent, and utilities, but nowadays, groceries, communications, and petrol cost roughly $ 700 each month.

Now, Adam sells souvenirs and works any part-time job he can find, depending on where they are.

They do grocery shopping twice a month and spend the rest of their time attending classes with their children and traveling.

The pair does not rule out the possibility of settling in the property in the future, but they intend to travel and visit many interesting destinations in the next years.