A new record was set by a couple from Mauritania with 9 babies at once

When twins are born, it’s such a joy for parents. And in general, it’s rare, but what to say when there are more offspring. As in this case, when mom gave birth to nine at once.

Of course, a twenty-five-year-old girl from one of West Africa’s countries could never have imagined becoming the mother of such a huge family at once, with five girls and four boys.

This is so unique that the doctors of another, more developed country in terms of medicine made observations of the pregnant girl. It was very feared that if a young woman gave birth naturally, the little ones might not survive. Therefore, it was a cesarean section when the weight of the little ones was more than five hundred grams each. Everything went well.

But, of course, they weren’t quite ready yet, and they were already developing their duration in unusual circumstances. The young mother appears to be overjoyed. She looks after them and sees that they are improving. And she’s itching to get back home.

They should be released soon and they will go home. All the little ones are developing normally and no longer need cameras. Their birth was in the summer and all this time they reached the norm in the clinic.

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A new record was set by a couple from Mauritania with 9 babies at once
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