She gave her grandmother the wanted gift. The grandma’s reaction was very lovely

This is the touching moment when a grandmother is given a puppy by her family.

The elderly lady had lost her beloved cat over a year ago, and all she yearned for was another furry companion.

And her granddaughter decided to bring this wish to life and she took a pup for her.

The way the grandmother reacted to the present is so sweet.

Alex was searching for a pup to take for her grandma when a friend of hers told her that her pet had many puppies.

When the puppy was about 9 weeks old, Alex and her mother put it in a box and handed it to her grandma.

To add to the surprise, she put “knitting and things like that” on the present box so that her grandmother would never guess what was inside.

The woman’s reaction was gratifying when she understood what the present was, namely, that she once again had a great puppy.

Impressed to the point of tears, she grabbed the small hairball in her arms and embraced it.

It was a moment of pure joy, and Alex was so happy that she could make her grandma so joyful, although she would never have imagined that her grandmother would have such a beautiful reaction.

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