Just look at this bride! 86-year-old lady got married for the second time. Here is who her husband is.

Millie Taylor-Morrison, 86, is living proof that love knows no age.

Despite her advanced age, the woman wanted to reprise her role as a bride, marrying for the second time.

Harold Morrison, her love, is a year younger.

There were not many guests at the wedding, only the closest ones.

Everyone present at the wedding ceremony and the party was delighted with the bride’s outfit, which she came up with on her own.

So, you can see the taste everything is arranged with: the dress, make-up, jewelry.

Pictures from the celebration were published by Millie’s granddaughter on social networks.

She claimed that her grandma designed her entire wedding look herself, from the gown to the cosmetics and haircut.

Millie used to work in the fashion industry, so she has a great sense of style.

The woman survived for 40 years in her first marriage, but she tragically lost her husband.

Only 24 years later, she decided to marry for the second time.

Millie had known Harold since she was a child. They were wonderful friends who were always there for each other in times of need.

Millie and Harold’s wedding took place in Verona, New Jersey.

Well, we wish them a long and happy life!