34 years ago she was born with a weight of 566 grams. How she looks now

This tiny girl was born 3 months ahead of schedule, and her weight was only 566 grams.

According to the physicians, you should plan for the worst because the survival probability at this weight is quite low. Tammy Lewis, on the other hand, is not a weak individual.

She made it through and is now 34 years old. She now works in the same intensive care unit where she was saved.

When the girl graduated from school, at first she could not decide where to go to enroll, the choice was between teaching and medicine.

“But it was the medicine that turned out to be the place where God led me.”

Already in 2009, Tammy Lewis began working as a respiratory therapist in Texas.

Her duties include connecting fans and breathing tubes, such as those that once helped her breathe.

“I am happy every day that I help these little ones,” she said.

Now Tammy is raising two offspring, who are 3 and 6 years old.

When she communicates with the parents of tiny patients, she gives them faith and hope by telling her story. “Parents need it,” she said. “And my story helps them.”

There is a “Hall of Hope” in the hospital, where they talk a lot about all the surviving little patients.

Doctors from the intensive care unit become part of the families of patients because they do everything possible for them to survive and go home.

“They are so fragile when they are born that it is very nice to see them grown up and strong afterward.”

One of the highlights of her work is the days when they come to visit. “How wonderful it is to watch a 1-kilogram little one grow up to a small person.”