A little surprise for parents ! An African-American couple has a not standard offspring. Just look at them!!

When Ebony and her husband learned that she was going to become a mother again, they already had a son in the family.

Of course, the couple experienced great joy, everything proceeded well, without problems, so everyone was happy.
When the parents saw their son, at first they could not believe that he was theirs.

But parents’ surprise is not the biggest problem.

The misunderstanding began when the relatives saw Matthew.

Matthew was born 9 months later.

When the midwife who delivered him unintentionally yelled when she saw the baby, the parents were terrified.

But it wasn’t only the midwife who was taken aback; all of the doctors in the ward were as well.

And the interesting thing is that a dark-skinned couple had a child with brilliant red hair.

Almost everyone accused Ebony of cheating on her spouse and having a child with another man right away.

The parents, desperate and tired of the strain, decided to undergo a kinship test, which revealed that Matthew was the son of Ebony and her husband.

On another occasion, while out walking, the police stopped a couple and interrogated them, believing they had taken the child.

It was intellectually taxing and challenging.

However, the couple did not give up, they supported each other, loved their offspring and it all helped them in those difficult times.

Now Matthew has grown up, he is 6 years old.

He is very cheerful and active.

He learned not to pay attention to the sidelong glances of others and inappropriate comments of passers-by.

The boy has the best and closest friend — his brother Adam.

The guys are very friendly.

One day, to support his brother, Adam asked his parents to paint him red…