The first quadruplets who were born in Manchester turned 4 years old. How they look like now?

The case when quadruplets are born happens once in 700,000. It happened to a 31-year-old woman from the United Kingdom this time. She and her husband raise four gorgeous twins and two elder offspring in love and harmony after overcoming many problems and trials.

The test yielded a long-awaited positive result in 2014. What a shock it was for the newlywed parents and doctors to learn that they were expecting not one, but four children at the same time! They have now reached the age of four. In February of 2015, Sofia, Eston, Amelia, and Roman were born. The family resides in Manchester’s Stockport.

Parents, together with their crumbs, had to go through a difficult path. It all started with 20 diapers and 24 bottles of milk per day and other problems that mom and dad had to cope with on their own. The quadruplets were born by Caesarean section in February, at the 30th week. Sofia weighed 1,637 kg, Roman — 1,276 kg, Eston – 1,417 kg, and Amelia – 1,559 kg. All of them were born healthy.

The joyful parents brought the crumbs home a few days later and immediately saw that they were entirely different in appearance and personality. Eston is constantly happy and smiling, Sofia enjoys eating and is extremely peaceful, Roman is the tiniest but loudest, and everyone who encounters Amelia falls in love with her.

Difficulties in raising and caring for offspring continue today. The couple spends 200 pounds (17,000 rubles) a week on them but says that they would not like to change anything in their life. The mother with many offspring is constantly in a state of increased vigilance and anxiety for her offspring. Dad tries his best to earn enough so that the family does not need anything.

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The first quadruplets who were born in Manchester turned 4 years old. How they look like now?
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